1. What is the architectural theme of Villa de Mercedes?

Due to the nature and value of the site, Villa de Mercedes was envisioned as an area featuring an architectural style that was characterized as predominantly “Spanish Mediterranean.”

2. What is the size range of Villa de Mercedes lots?

The lots at Villa de Mercedes range from 150 sq. m. – 1000 sq. m.

3. What is the size of each Villa de Mercedes RFO unit?

 Both RFO units, Angel and Bea have a lot size of 180 sq. m and are classified as Prime lots. Bea’s total floor area is 139.22 sq. while Angel’s total floor area is 181. 67 sq. m.

4. What are the design features of each RFO unit?

Each unit features Granite tiles in the ground floor, vinyl wood planks in the bedroom flooring, Ceramic T&B tiles, Ceramic tiles in the Lanai and Porch flooring, Concrete tile Carport flooring, Hollow core type door on bedrooms, panel type on all exterior doors, powder coated aluminum framed glass windows, fiber cement board ceiling, PPR waterlines, Steel Trellised Carport, Concrete Roof Tiles.


5. How many bedrooms and T&B’s does each standard RFO unit have?

Each RFO unit has 3 bedrooms plus a Maid’s Room. It has 3 toilets and baths: Master’s T&B, Maid’s T&B, and a Common T&B.

6. Where can you get the specifications of the Interior finishes for the Villa de Mercedes RFOs?

Uraya Land Development Inc. or your agent can provide you with a list of specifications of the interior finishes of the house.

7. When is the commencement of construction?

Construction of any structure on the lots may commence only after the owner has paid 30% of the contract price of the lot when the house plans have been approved by ULDI and/or VDMHAI.

8. Who are our project partners?

ULDI made sure to work with a team of experts for Villa de Mercedes:

 We have EGD Lopez & Partners as our Master Planner, TCGI Engineers as our Engineering Consultants and we also have E.A Aurelio as our Landscape Architects.

9. Are Utility Systems like water, drainage, power, telecommunications and Cable TV System available?

The lot owner should first verify the actual location of the utilities prior to the planning and should secure all the necessary permits before tapping to or from any utility line.

    •  Water- All lots shall be connected to the main water supply facility of Villa de Mercedes.
    •  Drainage System- The owner shall construct and maintain at his own expense the necessary drains, channels and pumps, if necessary to intercept water run-off from the roof and open areas and convey these to the nearest drainage connection to the main drainage system of Villa de Mercedes.
    •  Power, Telecommunications and Cable TV System- For the electrical distribution, a 230V AC single-phase secondary line shall be made available to the Lot Owner and will comply with the local power utility requirements. The Lot Owner shall construct their individual KWHr electrical service entrance pedestal nearest to the electrical drop. Locations of the electrical, telephone and CATV stub-outs are shown in the Lot Description and Construction Guidelines. The Lot Owner will request for service connection from the CATV Company and Telephone Company designated by the Developer.


10. Is there any walling and fencing restriction?

 Because the architectural theme of the subdivision is Nature-themed Spanish Mediterranean Style, the fences fronting the property should be of an architectural style that is in harmony with the nature theme. In order to safeguard this theme, the design of all fences shall be of organic architectural styles: that is either hedges or the fence design approved by ULDI and/or VDMHAI. Fences fronting the property should not exceed a height of one meter from the natural grade line. Fences on the remaining sides of the property should not exceed a height of two meters from the natural grade line. Fences of solid masonry, cyclone or mesh wire or barb wire shall not be allowed. In cases, fencing and gate plans for the property shall be subject to approval of ULDI and/or VDMHAI before construction.



11. How can you apply for Association Membership?

Upon purchase of the lot/s or house and lot/s of the, the purchaser/owner shall automatically become a member of the Villa de Mercedes Homeowners Association Inc. (VDMHAI).

12. How can you be a Clubhouse Member?

Upon full payment of the purchase price, the owner shall automatically be entitled to nomination by ULDI as an optional associate member of the Villa de Mercedes Club Inc. (VDMCI).



13. Where in Villa de Mercedes is Don Alberto’s Café located?

Don Alberto’s Café is strategically located in Villa de Mercedes’ phase 2.

14. Why dine at Don Alberto’s Café?

You must dine at Don Alberto’s Café because you can experience the beauty of nature and see the beautiful views of Davao Gulf, and the surrounding islands, and Mt. Apo while you can enjoy delectable yet affordable food.

15. Where can I get the rates of all the clubhouse amenities and Don Alberto’s Café’s rates?

Uraya Land Development Inc. or the Don Alberto’s Café staff, or even your agent can provide you the rates of all the amenities and the Don Alberto’s Café rates.



16. What are the features of Villa de Mercedes?

Villa de Mercedes’ General Site Features include a gently undulating terrain, it is 535 ft. above sea level, it has a phenomenal panoramic view of Davao City, Davao Gulf and the surrounding islands, and Mt. Apo. It has cool mountain breeze, and has a lot of indigenous flora and fauna.It has a Grand-Mediterranean-styled gate Grand Entrance. It also has wide concrete roads of 8-12 meters wide.

17. What are the amenities and facilities at Villa de Mercedes?

Clubhouse amenities include an Ionized pool, a Gym, a Mini Golf/ Putting Green, a Lawn Tennis Court, and a Soccer field.

18. How secure are you at Villa de Mercedes?

Villa de Mercedes has a 24-hour security. It also has perimeter walls of approx. 2.5-3 meters high.



19. How far is Villa de Mercedes from downtown? From Toril proper?

Villa de Mercedes is roughly 22.6 kms. away from downtown which is approximately 40-45 mins. It is 18 kms from NCCC Mall Davao which is approx. 35 mins. away from Villa de Mercedes, and SM City Davao is 25 mins away. It is just 15 mins. away from schools like UP Mindanao, and Phil. Science High School.

From Toril proper it is approx. 4.6 kms. away, which is about a 5-10 min(s). drive.

20. What are the future neighboring establishments of Villa de Mercedes?

Some future neighboring establishments are Ateneo School, Gaisano Mall Toril, Gaisano Grand Toril,



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Villa de Mercedes has everything you'll ever want in an ideal community. It Promises a unique Lifestyle, perfect for raising a family, a magical place where special moments seem endless and forever. There is no better place for us.

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